What Club is in Your School?

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Yozabeth Navarrete

Ms. Alagala is the founder of SMART Rep at Manual Arts.


“What club is in your school?” you may ask. Well, the amazing club is known as Smart Rep! SMART Rep is a club intended to promote for the SMART SLC at Manual Arts. This club fundraises for activities like SMART award night. According to Mr. Engle, this club also brings CPR trainings for students on a yearly basis.

SMART Rep started back in 2011 and was founded by Ms. Anitha Alagala, the lead teacher in SMART. She has been in charge since then.

SMART Rep students meet on Monday during lunch in Room 220. In order for someone to join SMART Rep, they have to pass their classes with a ‘C’ or better.

In order to join SMART Rep, you have to “be a role model, have good citizenship, reflect and respond to complex questions,” explained Alagala.

Ms. Alagala is in charge of PBL and the SMART award night. She started SMART Rep for many significant reasons. She recruited students to help her out since she was having a hard time doing everything herself. She started meetings during lunch, and she taught her student representatives strategies on various subjects like how to create projects and how to present formally in front of the public. Alagala points out that students can even be “assigned to help judges” during PBL (Project Based Learning). SMART representatives can also “assist parents during science fairs and PBL presentations,” according to Alagala.

Julio Hernandez, president of the club, joined SMART because he wanted to be part of this awesome club and help with school activities. Hernandez feels that being in SMART rep is a “good way to be a part of the school and have school spirit.” He also wanted to join because SMART Rep offers useful skills people can use in the future. Julio went on to say that Smart Rep makes you a role model to other students, and it helps you be responsible. If you want to raise school spirit, and you want to be part of an extraordinary club, SMART Rep is the club for you!