Video Games are Falling Like Leaves!


Nintendo has done it again! They uploaded a new video on Youtube for the month of September.  The video posted on September 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm. It is a 35-minute video is worth it. New games have come for the Nintendo switch and Wii U, but we all know we have been waiting for the game Super Smash Ultimate.

This is a popular game that would change history. This game is similar to Street Fighter, where characters fight each other to the death. The difference is that this game brings all the Nintendo characters in one single game! OMG! So you can have Mario fight with Pikachu. How about Kirby and Megaman punching each other? Yes, and that is exciting!

So you must play this game to check out all the new animations and the different lands or themes where these characters can battle it out! Sadly, we’ll have to wait for this game a little longer. The video is out already, but the game is not.

This was all due to the earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan. Nintendo had postponed Nintendo direct video for September and tweeted so that the fans would understand the situation. Gamers all over the world are praying for all the people in Japan that were there during the moment of disaster .

The magnitude was 6.7. That’s almost to a magnitude of 7. Hopefully, Nintendo can tweet again for a new date and time. I understand the frustration of the gamers, but it’s not right to demand for Nintendo to release a game when they are going through difficult times.