Be On Fleek with Manual Arts Gear

Support Football Fundraisers

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Manual Arts’ own football team was hosting a fundraiser with all their players selling Toiler merchandise.

In a low income community, it is crucial to hold these events not only to help players get their own equipment, but also to help raise school pride. Just like our own homes, schools have expenses like electric and water bills, staff salaries, textbook purchases, internet service, and much more items that need to be replaced, replenished and repaid. Because of the lack of government funding, if we want our school to strive for success like we know it can, let’s  support our school by buying that fly jersey or tight sweater.

The fact is that Manual Arts football teams, including the junior varsity team, have become much better in these past few years. The team is dedicated and persistent, and their hard work can be witnessed when they practice everyday from 3:15pm to 5:30pm. Check them out below.

This is why they have won every game they have played. That’s seven out of seven. Yes, they automatically won during two games that were forfeited: University High School and George Washington Prep High were fearful of our junior varsity mighty toilers. They couldn’t handle, and we will gladly take the win. The only thing the team needs is money.

According to the teams players, this fundraiser serves to fund the team’s equipment and activities. The football team has always lacked funds which is why the money they are raising is very important for the team to buy equipment they need. For example, the whole football team shares a small bus with all of the cheerleaders, so the extra money could be used for funding a second bus. The team also needs equipment like new helmets, jerseys, and shoulder pads.

Why new gear? When opponents show up to lose, or even when teams like Washington Prep don’t make a presence, the Toiler team needs to be on fleek.

So if you need gear, contact Markeith Taylor, the running back and star player of junior varsity. You can also talk to Samuel Gomez, who is the quarterback on junior varsity. Commodore Lenoir was even selling gear to staff like Mr. Garcia and Ms. Duke. Team players like Tyler bought the Toiler windbreaker. He likes his windbreaker so much that it seems like he wears it almost everyday.

So if you want to own one of these items, get in touch with our football players and place that order! Yes, the sale ended on September 14th, but let’s ask them to sell more! Therefore, even if you didn’t make it for this last fundraiser, do not worry because we will press them to sell more for the Toiler Teams!