Let’s Step Up Manual’s Food Game


Joshua Noriega

It looks like Deonel would rather work than eat food that does not look fresh.

Students get very hungry at school. Without a good meal, students won’t function right. The result is that students would definitely be sleeping without the right energy.

Honestly, the food at Manual Arts High School isn’t bad at times, but it can be better. Most students don’t eat because the food is disgusting for them. So what food can we agree to consume?

There are days when we do have decent food to eat. For example, we love the pizza, tostadas, broccoli with rice, and fried chicken (even if it’s not crispy). Those cinnamon waffles are bomb, too. A lot of people will eat, if we have decent food.

On the other hand, sometimes we get spoiled ranch dressing and milk. A lot of people don’t like the egg sandwiches for breakfast, although many people eat that breakfast because there is nothing else to eat.

Hey, if I’m hungry, I’ll eat anything that looks delicious. Maybe if they stop putting food in plastic, and preparing it fresh, the food will probably be tastier and healthier.

As for healthy eating, wrapping our food in plastic is very dangerous. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition organization, “toxic chemicals leach out…plastic” and plastic is “linked to cancers, birth defect, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption and other ailments.” The solution is to not end the use of plastic, but we need to be cautious. We also need to limit the amount of food that makes contact with plastic on a daily basis.

We want students to be educated on what we eat. They also need to know the consequences of what we eat everyday. Just like we need to stay away from hot cheetos for breakfast, we need to eat healthy, and we need Manual Arts to step up to the food game.