Announcement About Merits and Demerits

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This is an announcement about merits and demerits from Mr. Harris, Dean of Manual Arts. 

Be aware that merits and demerits roll over yearly until you clear them or are no longer enrolled. If you have demerits, they will stop you from attending field trips, participating in athletics, serving on student body and participating in your senior events.  

To check your merit/demerit status, just go to

On the left-hand side, click on View your Merit/Demerit Status.

Enter the requested information, including your student identification.

You will receive an email at your MYMAIL email with you status. A return of a 0 or no number indicates you are demerit-free. Any negative number is your demerit count and it is important you clear them.

To clear your demerit(s), or earn merits, log onto the website and on the right-hand side, read the 8 Ways You Can Earn A Merit.

Thank you!