Yearbook & Journalism Fundraise During Club Rush


Ashley Ramirez

We had our first Club Rush of the semester on September 15, 2022. Each club had their own fundraiser and recruiting station. Yearbook and Journalism were one of those stations. They sold delicious raspados and two dollar raffle tickets to both students and staff. The flavors were watermelon, tiger’s blood, cotton candy, and grape.

“I got a watermelon raspado,” said Roxana Rivera, a senior at Manual Arts, “it was refreshing because it was a hot day.”

Many people came and supported the clubs. We wanted to give back to the students and staff who bought the raffle tickets. There were a total of four prizes, two of them were gift baskets full of goodies like snacks from Trader Joe’s.  We would like to specifically thank Mr. Gilbert Villalvazo, who is the Captain at the Trader Joe’s located at 3rd and La Brea. Mr. Villalvazo was kind enough to provide the gift bags for Manual Arts. Originally, we asked for a 50 dollar gift bag, but he was generous and gave us a 100 dollar gift bag. The Journalism class decided to make two first-prize winners by creating two $50 gift bags. The second prize was a customized Manual Arts baseball jersey. The third prize was a twenty-five dollar gift card for Starbucks.

During 4th period on September 16, 2022, we selected the winners of the raffle. The Journalism class decided to make a video to announce the winners. Some seniors at Manual Arts volunteered to be in the video. You can check out the video below. 

The host was Nathan Olvera and the announcers were Roxana Rivera, Ashley Ramirez, and Brandon Anthony. We wanted to make sure at least one student won a prize, so we added only students into the bucket for the first round. Roxana was the first person to pick the prize winner. The winner was Leslie Chaidez! 

Afterwards, we added the teachers and staff names into the bucket with the students’ names. We made sure to shake the bucket well. The next prize announcer was Nathan. The prize winner was Dr. Aceves, a science teacher at Manual Arts. Afterwards, Ashley shook the bucket full of names. She pulled out the third winner, which by a surprise was Dr. Aceves. Lastly, Brandon picked out the last prize winner. The fourth and last winner was Dr. Aceves again! The whole class was shocked that Dr. Aceves won three of the four prizes. If anything, this just shows that Dr. Aceves supports our fundraising goals, and she has a lot of school spirit. 

“We’re trying to buy cameras to take pictures for Journalism and Yearbook,” says Brandon Anthony, a senior at Manual Arts, “so the fact that Dr. Aceves won three prizes shows that she cares about the cause.”

Currently, Yearbook and Journalism has only one professional camera. Each camera costs about $700, so the funds raised during Club Rush will go towards the money necessary to buy two additional professional cameras in the near future. Of course, we would like to thank every single person who made a donation. With your donations, our dreams of capturing memorable moments with professional cameras are possible! The Toiler community truly came together for Club Rush!