Do You Hear What I Hear? A Welcome Back Concert!


Welcome back, Toilers! The devastation of quarantine and COVID-19 interrupted our school and our lives. But the pandemic cannot stop the music from the MAHS Choir, Band, and Music Technology. Did you even know that we had a choir and band? The truth is that we’ve had a fantastic music department for many years at Manual Arts High School. They are now ready to perform at “The Welcome Back Concert.” Check out all the pictures of band, choir, and music technology preparing for the concert. 

The Toiler Band is made up of students playing saxophones, flutes, trumpets, trombones, drums, clarinets, and keyboards. This group will be playing compositions like “Wonderful Christmas Time” and “Tidings of Joys.” Those titles are just to give you a small glimpse of their list of compositions for the evening.  

You might be wondering what music technology is. Music Technology is simply any device that is used to make music. This includes electrical instruments like the keyboards, computers, and synthesizers.  

After their hard work, the music department is ready to sing and play their hearts out to bring the school together. We encourage everyone to go and support the singers and players. The concert will be at the senior quad at 5:00pm on December 10, 2021. Get your tickets from the choir instructor, Mr. Gronlund in room 3. Or you can get tickers from Mr. Marenco in room 4.  It’s going to be fun, so invite your friends and family! Just go!