Troubling Times for Toiler Teens


Nick Gandarilla

Looks like stress to me.

We grow from facing tough roads and obstacles. (Leonora Enriquez)

As teenagers, we are always stressed in many ways. It can be school, problems at home, friends, relationships, poverty, or depression. Teenagers need to find ways to cope with this stress, and there are many ways to do this. 

Can ominous gates invite and protect pleasant people like me? (Leonardo Cambray)

I am a teenager, and I find myself stressed and always thinking, and questioning everything. Why am I sad? Why does school suck? Why are things lame? Why is the World crap? Well, it is mostly from depression and stress. The teenage phase is very important but also difficult, and we are mostly misunderstood by adults and elders because we need our friends.

We are locked inside with fences around us. (Brian Sosa)

Before distance learning, “we usually hung out with friends,” says David Garcia, a senior at Manual Arts. We usually go out to eat, watch a movie, or hang out at each other’s house. With friends around, we relieve stress by talking and being with someone. Not getting out of the house or socializing with people are common skills that we forget how to do because we are stuck home. So we need to get out more often. Things have changed and that’s why we are misunderstood because our ways of doing things are way different from back then. 

A window for air can suffocate. (Fatima Rivas)

Another way teenagers can deal with stress is through music. We can speak against the world through music. Whenever I feel angry, I grab my cell phone and play some Eminem. “Mockingbird” is a chill song that takes me away from all the negativity of the world. I am sure that the 531 million views also have to do with people wanting to relate to the artist and song. People are always looking up for something positive to relieve stress. Check it out below.

Another way we deal with stress is in the way we dress. Our outfits are a form of expression. 

At least we can trudge with style! (Jazmin Ochoa)

We are also heavily influenced by pop culture as well. We are always on social media, and we can talk to people around the world. However, being on our phones for several hours can cause depression. We love to do things on our phones. Yet, technology is a big reason why we can be stressed. 

It’s not surprising to know that we are more stressed because of school. Personally, I’m not big on school, but now, school is based on technology. We are stressed about the fact that it is our future and our parents want us to go. We pile up school work and homework so we can do it later when we get stressed because we do it last minute. Some students are hands-on learners and some grasp onto things faster than others. Being at home while trying to be in class is very stressful because we have things to do, and there personal problems going on as well. 

Who says the grass is greener on the other side? Make it greener on your side! (Fatima Rivas)

Thinking of what would happen after school is scary. We are seniors and we may be another class that graduates virtually and it kind of sucks because we don’t get to experience a lot of things that we were told. We are just trying to get through high school online.  

Overall, teen stress is an important issue, and it should be looked into. As humans, we all go through obstacles. But I feel that teens need the most support and more attention because we feel left out.

We are misunderstood, and we are going through things so teens need guidance. We need to know that we have support. When it comes to dealing with stress, the number one thing that works for me is to simply have self-care. Focus on your goals. Always gain knowledge. Grow as a person. And have patience.

We trudge against some roads; we deftly maneuver through others. (Leonardo Cambray)