Leaders in the Making


Mr. Garcia, M

Working hard so it can be done!

Anjelina Arroyo, Christopher Mares-Franco

We all enjoy events like pep rallies, homecoming parades, homecoming dances. But little do we know about all the work that is put behind them. We would like to thank the leadership class of 2019 for giving this school year a marvelous experience here at Manual Arts.

Mr Garcia, M

Ms. Contreras has put so much motivation into the students that all events that have passed succeeded tremendously. According to ASB President Melissa Diaz, leadership has taught her how to “grow as a person, to become a leader, and more outspoken.”

Mr. Garcia, M

Even Romario Iraheta, ASB Vice, says that being in leadership has helped him strive to become who he is today. Many other students including Angela Estrada, Hilda Flores, and Saira López have stated that they have become more outgoing. This is due to the love and support from their fellow leadership members and Ms. Contreras.

Mr. Garcia, M
Leadership students create Spring Fling banners.

Speaking of the lovely Ms. Contreras, students from her sixth-period Leadership class have said many wonderful things about her. Saira López felt that she need to tell us that Contreras has not only motivated them but she has sacrificed her life outside of school to make sure that her students are comfortable and safe. According to Melissa Díaz, Ms. Contreras is the most down to earth teacher there is.

Mr. Garcia, M

“Ms. Contreras wants us to have dreams, but makes sure we know the difference between dreams and reality,” said Melissa Diaz.


Devon Wagner, currently a sophomore, said that he enjoyed being in leadership, and he appreciates the opportunity that Manual Arts gave him to know people. He is looking “Mighty Fly” below and along with Saira, Angela, and Hilda.

Proud leadership students and proud toilers!

“At first, I didn’t speak to many people. But after a while, I made good friends,” says Devon as he prepares to explore other electives and activities at Manual Arts.

Mr. Garcia, M
Leadership students are always working in class!

The staff at Toilertimes.com and the leadership class would like to send the following message to Ms. Contreras:

“We cherish you deeply and appreciate you profoundly. Thank you for all you have done and all you will do while being a teacher here at Manual Arts High School. You are a role model, your positivity and encouragement have brightened every students’ life.”

Mr. Garcia, M

Thank you, 2019 seniors, for all your great work and participation in these events that made this school year memorable. We encourage you to continue being a leader throughout your college experience, career, and life. Good luck to the next generation of leadership members that will need to work hard to keep up with the legacy that the MAHS alumni have left behind.