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Check Out the Shout Outs from Students in Journalism


Students in journalism class pose for 20th article and last article of year 2018!

MAHS Students and Staff


The following shout outs were gathered by journalism students. Thanks to all students and staff who participated!


Ms. Becerra:

“Shout out to Ms. Beck, Ms. Rodriguez, and Ms. Smith for being real homies.”


“Shout out to Diana Torres for always being a real one.”


“Shout out to Anany for always being with me.”


“Shout out to myself.”

Anjelina Arroyo:

“Shout out to Aimar Gomez.”

Camila Perez:

“Shout to Angela, Ashley, and Daisy. Thank you for staying REAL. Oh, my boyfriend, Daniel, too. :)”

Yusef Vestle:

“Shout out to Yusef Vestle for dealing with a difficult teacher for theater. And to Ms. Smith for being the best.”

Ms. Beck:

“Shout out to Ms. Beck’s APeople. Thanks for working so hard this semester. If you get lonely this winter break, you should read your textbook for company.”

Ms. Beck:

“Shout out to Ms. Becerra, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Rodriguez for being AMAZING HUMANS. You are great people with great skills.”

Leanna Ramon:

“Shout to my friends Daisy Albarran and Dayri Perez for making this semester fun and enjoyable.”

Valerie Escobar:

“Shout out to Rebecca, Diego, Nicole, Yadira, Daniel, and <3 Juan.”

Rachel Granados:

“Shout out to my home girl Hailey, Josselyn, Nathalie, Jennifer, Marlene, Tata, and Michelle . Ya’ll make school bearable. I love ya’ll!! Also, shout out to Mr.Gronlund. Thank you for three years of amazing singing and support!!!”


Jair Solis:

“To Ms. Rodriguez. Thanks for all the help on PBL.”

Randy Hernandez:

“I want to give a shout out to my girlfriend, Esmeralda, for helping me on my college application. I also want to thank her for always being by my side when I need her.”

Juan Cayetano:

“I want to thank Chris for helping me publish my first article and being a good friend.”

Joshua Noriega:

“Shout out to my parents for being there for me even though I give them a rough life. They will always be there for me to support me.”

Miscedes Paxton:

“Shout out to me for being me. Also, Mr. Vera. Thank you for showing me how to play the marimba. I’ve had an amazing experience.”

Ryan Ruvalcaba:

“Shout out to Israel Cruz, Mathew Ramos, Jesus Cubilla, Chris Ayala, Esmeralda Pocasangre, and Mr. Gronlund. Thank you for making choir class and the concert one of the best experience of my life.”

Cristal Vela:

“I’m so thankful for my mom because she is a single mom raising three kids. Even though she is a woman, she brings out my brothers and me to do things. She is a good woman. That is why I thank her so much for being the person who has helped me the most. She has taught me to fight for my dreams. My mom is admirable. My mom loves her children. I am grateful to God for giving me a mom like her. My hero is my mom.

Brandeaux Lazo:

“Shout out to Chris cause he’s gonna take me ice skating. Just me and him.”

Luis Carpio:

“Shout out to Kevin Ramos cause we published twice as partners, and we were two of the few who brought something to the potluck.”


“Shout out to the people in my life.”

Heidi Chicas:

“Shout out to my mom because she supports me in life. My mom is always there with me  for the good times and the bad times.”

Reanna Polk:

“Giving a special shout out to Ms. Gladden for helping me become a better person and dealing with me throughout the years. Thank you all, teachers and counselors, for your support.”

Victor Lemus:

“Shout out to my sister Jessica for always being there when I needed it the most.”

Christian Solorzano:

“I would like to recognize all seniors. Thank you!”