A Grand Graduation for 2019 Toilers!

Enjoy a plethora of pictures from the ceremony, and consider advice from graduating seniors.


Mr. Garcia, M

Mr. Garcia, M
Manual Arts students, along with Tyler Sutherland above, graduate on June 7, 2019!

Congratulations Mighty Toilers!

This article is dedicated to the Class of 2019 with a plethora of pictures and advice from graduating seniors. As junior Christopher Mares-Franco, Editor in Chief, so eloquently states:

“Huge farewell to seniors and best of luck to the Toilers of tomorrow!”

Directed by Mr. Grundlund, the choir delivered another spectacular performance showcasing many talented voices:

After viewing and admiring all the great pictures and advice below, check out the Class of 2019 Slideshow accompanied by music from the Manual Arts Band.

  1. Gianna Perez offers words of wisdom:

    “For the incoming Freshman. The advice I would like to give to you is to have good time management. Having good time management is key to passing all your classes because of how much work you can get done in a short amount of time. Also, make sure you get classes which will help you meet your A-G requirements. Therefore, you must make sure to have good communication with your counselors and your teachers because in the future you might need them for college recommendations and other things. Lastly, always make sure to get good rest. When you get good rest, you are more likely to be focused in class instead of feeling tired.”                     – Gianna Perez

  2. Ryan Ruvalcaba offers valuable advice:

    “I would like to give my best regards to all my fellow seniors who are beginning a new chapter of their lives. As to the incoming freshman class, I would like to tell you to enjoy your years of high school and to not slack off. The faster you finish your work, the more time you will have to spend with friends and family. You also won’t have to stress about assignments as much, and it will make you a better student overall. Finally, prioritize and cherish your sleep as it will become an essential part of your daily energy and work habits.” – Ryan Ruvalcaba

  3. Klarissa Moran gives guidance for Toilers:

    “For both incoming seniors and incoming freshman students, the advice I would give is to stay on top of your school work. All grades matter, and they determine so much. Everything you do, or don’t do, affects you. Also, your relationship with your teachers is important. Let’s say your grade isn’t what you want it to be, if you’ve been a good and productive student that hasn’t caused trouble, your teacher will most likely help you out in order to get the grade you want. Another thing would be to prioritize your assignments based on significance to your grade.”          – Klarissa Moran

  4. “For incoming freshman class, I would advice you to stay on track of your school work, and don’t argue with your teachers. Stay on top of your grades because all your four years count, and you don’t want to regret it when you become seniors. Try to be nice to teachers because they might help you with your grade. For incoming seniors (current juniors), good luck and hope you guys are on track with your A-G. Also, try to have a High GPA because it will look good in college applications. Finally, cherish the memories you make with your friends.” – Leslie Garcia
  5. Javier Martinez speaks:

    “The best advice that I can give is to have a group of friends that you know will help you when you fall into a lower state of mind. I say this because you’ll never know when you’re going to completely give up on your studies. It could be due to stress or depression, which can be the culprit. But knowing that you have someone that you know, that isn’t going to give up on you when you give up on yourself, is a major lifesaver. Make the little things count since that is what makes the best memories. Believe it or not, but those little things are actually gonna be the things that you remember that best.

    For the graduating class of 2019, the best thing I can say is “Good luck”. We all have a different path to follow, and we don’t know where it’ll lead us. It’s funny to say that some of us still feel like little kids because we still don’t know how this world works. Just know that you’re not alone in this.”     – Javier Martinez

  6. Here’s the Class of 2019 Slideshow accompanied by the Toiler Band. Yes, the background music was played live on stage by the Manual Arts High School Band! Toilers have talent!