Journalism Class Soon Publishes Book!

Marvin Garcia Sr.


The journalism class is only a few weeks from publishing their book.

Tra’nell Davis would like to thank Marisa because she “encouraged me to write my story and share it with the world.”

Brandeaux Lazo appreciates Angelina Del Balzo, a published writer and mentor, for ” being patient with me and being there for me in my time of need.”

Victor Lemus enjoyed getting help from “all the people that took their time to write our story.” His favorite part was listening to the stories of the volunteers and “learning how it felt for them to be published.”

Krystal Ortiz would like to thank “Marisa because she helped me so much even when I would hardly do anything. I would also like to thank Ms.T because she used me to do this, and she helped me so much.”

Jenny De Leon appreciates “826 LA for encouraging to write an amazing story about me and being part of the team. Thanks for letting me know how it feels to be an author.”

Christopher Mares-Franco would like to thank “the staff, especially Ms. T for putting up with my annoyance.”

Manual Arts teachers and staff can’t wait to see the book and the inspirational stories that emerge from our rich community here in Los Angeles!