Difficult But Not Impossible: Running 26.2 Miles

Melvin De Leon, Natalie Melchor

Have you ever challenged yourself to accomplish something you never thought you could reach? Students Run L.A. (SRLA) is a program where students challenge themselves to get to the finish line of a marathon. SRLA welcomes students of all backgrounds and abilities to train alongside their volunteer mentors to complete the Los Angeles Marathon, which is 26.2 miles. Believe it or not, 10-year old elementary students run the marathon. No matter if you are 10, 17, or 72, running the L.A. Marathon will change your life.

Students go through many changes throughout their high school experience. For example, some kids might struggle finding friends that have the same interests. But that person finds out that there is an art club, where he or she will be challenged to make friends. This is exactly what happens in SRLA. It is a challenge.

Through this life changing experience, students discover their best selves and strength ability.  Students will be running starting September and ending in March. For every race students run, they will receive an SRLA shirt and a medal.

Everyone has a goal in life whether it is to graduate or something you want to be in the future.  To accomplish your goal you have to work hard and every hard work has a reward. To be successful in life everyone has to go through stress. [This includes the training.]             

The first race during training starts off with 3 miles; however, the miles increase by 3 miles each race. It stops increasing by 3 miles after the students run both half marathons in December and January. Half marathons are 13.2 miles. After the half marathons, students will have to run one of the hardest races in SRLA which is 18 miles.

What makes this race difficult for students is the two 9 miles loops. According to Ishua Bonifacio, a senior student at Manual Arts, ¨the race starts getting harder after the half marathon because it starts getting longer and also because students don’t practice more than 17 miles, especially for new runners because your body is not used to it. And it starts hurting a lot.”

“The races can be difficult, but they’re not impossible to accomplish,¨ says Ishua Bonifacio.

The last race is the most challenging because it’s the longest and the hardest people will run since it is 26.2 miles. It starts off at the Dodgers stadium and finishes at Santa Monica pier.

Running 26.2 miles is an example of how everything is possible in life even when you think it’s not.  That’s how life is; everything is about thinking positive.